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Sample Platinum Vendor Listing
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Phone Number

view phone000-000-0000


address 1 address 2 Chicago, Illinois, United States 00000



Mail Address

Mail Address Mail Address 1
Mail City, MS 00000




view fax888-888-8888

Company Representative:

John Q. Vendor, Marketing Director

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Platinum Listing - Vendors | Price for Annual Listing:  $4,800

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Platinum level listings appear in search summary results above Silver listings and also are included in a Featured Vendors section
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Search Text Categories include:

  • Addiction Products
  • Addiction Services
  • Categories and sub categories are scalable

Unique in Platinum Listings

  • Picture Gallery/Slideshow (15)
  • Video (must be Youtube video)
  • Newsletter (3 banners with hyperlink per year)
  • Attachment Files with caption (3 - PDF, DOC, JPEG) - 3 mb
  • 10 backlinks

Listing Control Panel: Password protected control panel to maintain content in your listing.

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Traffic Monitor: Track how many visitors view your detail listing page, your summary views (when you appear in a search results page, click through to your website and click to viw your phone number.

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