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Chooper's Guide has organized our Find Addiction Treatment and Recovery resources into five primary groupings:

Find Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehabs, Recovery Residences, Addiction Counselors and Interventionists and Suboxone Doctors
  • Addiction Treatment Programs: thousands of listings for a wide variety of substance abuse programs, including: Detox, Drug and Alcohol Rehabs, Family, Extended Care and Methadone & Suboxone Clinics.
  • Addiction Professionals: thousands of listings for Addiction Professionals, including: Drug & Alcohol Counselors, Interventionists, Preventionists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Sober Escorts, Suboxone Doctors, Trainers, Therapists, and the like.
  • Recovery Residences: a number of listings for Recovery Residences (aka halfway houses, sober living environments, sober homes), which play an important role for many drug addicts and alcoholics transitioning from a residential treatment program to home or independent living.
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Programs: many of our listed Providers specialize in treating Co-Occurring Disorders (aka having a mental illness/behavioral disorder, as well as a drug addiction or alcoholism). This is sometimes referred to as a Dual Diagnosis. We have incorporated the Dual Diagnosis Capability in Addiction Treatment measurement (DDCAT) in this release as it is rapidly becoming the standard in assessing and measuring an addiction treatment provider's capability in treating individuals with co-occurring disorders. As of April 2011, 32 states, the District of Columbia and the Navajo Nation had adopted the Dual Diagnosis Capability Assessment Measurement (DDCAM).
  • Community Resources: a growing emphasis on Addiction Recovery Community Organizations nationally has evolved over the past several years. These organizations play a vital role for individuals in early recovery by providing a safe recovery based environment to congregate and to receive educational, vocational and mentoring support. 
  • Harm Reduction: Our Philosophy is meeting people where they are in their addiction. We currently have Harm Reduction Programs and Resource Centers listed in the Community Resources Area but will be adding a dedicated module by February 2015. All listing in this module will be Free. These programs provide critical services to addicts still using drugs including Naloxone distribution and training, Syringe and Needle Exchange, Hep C testing and counseling and referral, Suicide Prevention, HIV Testing, counseling and referral, Outreach to Sex Workers, Addiction Treatment Referral, Wound Management and Homeless Services. Add your Listing

To help you with your search, we offer a variety of search options: By Location, Addiction Treatment Programs, Addiction Professionals, Recovery Residences, Co-Occurring Disorders and Recovery Community Resources. Please understand that the extent of information provided for each individual listing entry is dependent on the listing level chosen by the Provider. However, every listing -- regardless of level -- provides a short program narrative, address and phone number to help you with your Find Treatment search.

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