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An Interview With Ric Ohrstrom


Ric Ohrstrom, co-founder and co-chair of C4 Recovery Solutions, an internationally renown pioneer in addiction treatment innovation and conferencing, offers a cogent taxonomy of the efficacy and ethics of the addiction treatment industry today.  


Mr. Ohrstrom has a long-term personal knowledge  of recovery. His interest in the field started more than 20 years ago when his family purchased  The Friary treatment facility located in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Ric actively participated in the management of The Friary  until it was sold in 1990. Following the sale of The Friary,  Mr. Ohrstrom established the Committee on Treatment Benefits (COB) in partnership with the nation's oldest addictions advocacy movement, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. COB played a vital role in creating a national dialogue around moving the  addiction treatment field toward outcomes-based purchasing.  Mr. Ohrstrom now travels extensively in the Middle East, working to expand the regional network of addiction data collection in which COBB played a seminal role. A founding member of C4 Recovery Solutions, Mr. Ohrstrom currently serves as its Co-Chair.